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You need to load your pictures into a Photo Hosting site such as Imgur . makes sure they are in JPEG format. Once your photos are on the system you then click on the pic you wish to use and look for sharing links in the drop down menu. copy the link and then paste that link onto the screenshot page on here. That should share your photo.  


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No problem Richard, can't understand why it won't work. I use Imgur as well , (ever since Photobucket started being stupid in fact) and as yet have had very few problems, although a few weeks ago their server crashed for a while.  Maybe one of the team on here can give you more info. 

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I use ONEDRIVE from that comes with most windoze installs, because I use Office 365 I get 1tb of storage.....

right click image - left click view online

browser opens- login

click embed - new window opens, click generate

copy the link, then paste onto forum...

works for me since fs-snaps shut...



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1 hour ago, sidler said:


Select your image in Imgur and this widow will open.


You use the one that says BBCode and press the copy button.  That's it.  Now go to the screenshot page and press CRTL + V on your keyboard and a code will appear.  Press submit your reply and then the photo will appear in the screenshot page...

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