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My new favorite Single GA hauler for Airhauler!


The C207 flies as easy as a C152, yet hauls up to 1500lbs of cargo, with a full IFR instrument suite, 14-16gph economy, 150kt economy cruise, and ability to carry 6 pax makes it a Very Profitable "Mid level" starter plane, or a first Upgrade after progressing beyond the stock C-172 if one went "Hard/Career" modes. With an outright purchase price of somewhere around 200,000 dollars, it's an easy plane to flesh out a small fleet.


Some pics:

Type Rating the 'Tundra' model:




On the way on my First Cargo Job in the Bush 207:  Concord heading to a small but paved strip in Southern Oregon with a load of Wood Products, a very early IFR departure.







Thanks for looking,




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