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I am thinking of purchasing one or the other for GA flying. The TBM850 is highly rated buy a bit older technology as related to the Flight Sims.  The  DA62 is new- but I am not sure of how good it is- meaning do the avionics work, is the sim stable, etc...  Any thoughts are appreciated. Any suggestions for other GA aircraft is fine too. I am looking for a plane that can fly high and fast and has more modern avionics. ( I am not a professional pilot or expert simmer.) 

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Hi Zentiger, welcome to our forums! :welcomeani:

I have the Carenado DA62 and really impressed with it, a good solid flight. It's not that fast though but does have the G1000 and SVS if you already have it for other Carendo products.

The TBM850, PC12, and Malibu would definitely outpace the DA62, but nowhere near as classy!

Good luck,




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The DA62 is an absolute pain in the ass to fly in real life.  The Carenado version is gorgeous, but I cannot get past how much I loathe the actual airplane.

Edit:  @mutley - not that fast?  I easily saw 190-200 GS kts all day long flying it between 6-11k ft.

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