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twitchy rudder

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I have the above controller and really like it, use it when I have not got time to put up my yoke and pedals. All has been very good with it until the last day or so. It has started to twitch and veer me off to the right, this is happening in P3D4.4 and XP11 NON BETA. It is like I am repeatedly twisting and releasing, not sure what to look at. I never remove it from the PC unless the yoke is plugged in and it is calibrated using the sim.

I guess I possibly have 2 choices, I have already gone through re-calibration and setting it up again. So some will say FSUIPC? I have never used used paid version and I am not sure if that would solve this issue, another way I guess is using SPADnext, I have this both for XP and P3D.

I have already done the usual checks but any suggestions I am willing to try, I have had this with the following aircraft

P3D- Aerosoft A319, Carenado CT206H, Shrike 500S, Simworks Phantom, JF Hawk....

XP11- Carenado CT206H, IXEG 737, JF Warrior, JF TB10/20....

So any guidance would be great...


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I can only talk about x plane.  Go to your output folder, and make a copy of the Preferences folder and drag it to the desktop.  Then go back to the output folder and delete the contents of the Preferences folder.  Start XP and it will ask for calibration of all joysticks again.  Calibrate the T1600M.  If it still does not work, ask Father Christmas for a new one.

Then re-paste the original contents back in from the desktop copy.

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thanks for getting back to me with your thoughts. I think I have solved it, I have a Xbox 360 controller plugged into a rear USB, I use it for driving sims etc, anyhow I have unplugged that an initial testing seems good.....



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Try unplugging your controller from the PC and then reinserting it. I only use a joystick but I find at certain times it will decide to start veering off to one side.  I most cases it's because the cable has been snagged, (usually by the cat) and this sets off the deviation. No idea why it would cause the issue but it does. I simply pull the cable out of it's USB port and stick it back in. It always works.


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