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Strange red textures

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I am trying to install some freeware airports.  Baghdad airport is not going well.  As you can see below I have some issues with the ground.  Has anyone come across this kind of thing before?

I have checked that I have all of the libraries required installed and I do.  


Any suggestions as to why I might be getting this would be nice to hear.



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Thanks for the reply Wain.

Looking at photos it looks as it should except for the red bits.

I have had a tinker with the libraries since the post and have manages to make things worse by removing some of them. Their removal turns more things red, so an object will go from what it should to a red block and in the log the missing library shows up as an error.

It seems to me that it is probably a missing library or an early version of a library that doesn't have all the objects needed.

Nobody else has complained about the same thing as me so I suspect the latter.

So that raises some questions:

Is there any way to be sure I have the latest versions of a library? 

Where I have to add library X and seem to have the option of downloading 'library X' or 'library X Extended' which should I use?  (I went for the extended version).

Thr required library set includes a library called 'handyobjects'. Is this the same as 'The Handy Objects Library'? 

Any advice would be useful.


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I am assuming you mean the one I have linked below, also have you installed openscenry? link below? they aren't showing properley you will have to copy/paste....if you download an airport from the dotorg you usually find links to the libraries......hope this helps but I must dash now, work calls.....




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I have found the answer!!

Totally by accident I was looking through Libraries to re-load all those needed for the airport scenery when I came across a library of runway textures. The airport needs a library called RE_Library and this runway texture Library was called RA_Library. 

RA_Library was not listed on the set needed but I installed it and the problem went away.

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I don't do Facebook.  One of the worlds evils I think.

However I do have MisterX Library installed and it didn't help.  I took a punt on the RA_Library as it contained so many runway textures, and it worked out for me.

The red areas lacked a specific runway texture, rather a nice one where the surface is a bit worn. 

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