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Morris Minor graveyard on facebook marketplace

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If anyone has a burnin interest in old MM's, there is a guy in the bay area trying to get rid of a yard full of them, apparently on a short time frame and willing to bargain as his only other option is the scrap yard for pennies on the pound/dollar. he also apparently has a wharehouse full of spare parts for them, probably an old mm dealer/repair place i imagine...or a nutter collector. 😁


Looks like quite the treasure trove if there is anyone willing to arrange shipping/storage for them. Would be a shame to see them go to scrap metal.





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Morris Minor, Morris Traveller, Morris Mini. All cars where if you looked under the bonnet there was a good chance you could work out what each bit did and actually get to it.  A real fix it your self age of no frills car ownership.

No tons of electrical gadgets to help drain the battery, No complex fuel management systems to foil any attempt to service the car your self.... Those were the days... No air bags to worry about, no side impact bars to protect you, no crumple zones to stop your legs being severed by a fairly minor knock with a lorry, no protection from being speared by a rigid steering column, no safety belts to stop you flying through the window into oncoming traffic, no fancy alarms or locks to stop the car being nicked, no fuel economy to speak of, no rust protection to stop the car dissolving in the first rain shower. Oh yes I remember them well. 

How the feck did I survive them? Oh yes, the other 'no', no chance of doing over 60 MPH.

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Nah... The Ford Pinto had some style.  The Morris Minor was known as the Jelly mold (jello in the US?) as they looked like they had been turned out for a kids party.



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