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Newbie software issues

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Hi guys, gals new to simming used to be real world pilot had an ultralight flew across Australia that sort of thing. I have just purchased a Boeing 737 800ng flight sim have MIP, EFIS, MIP, CDU, PEDASTALL AND OHP ETC Eclosed Cockpit’s frame. I have to build the switches and gauges but MIP EFIS MCP CDU working. It was running on prepar 3d v 3.4 I decided before,getting to much into it I would upgrade to preparv4.5 my mistake. I guess it was right thing to do had to upgrade sometime thought it best to do so before making to many changes.

Sim uses 4 pc master and 3 slaves SIOC connected on a slave comms via widefs. SIOC is for another day. Prosim 737 v 1.45 is Installed on the master with P4.5 . I installed v 4.5 and there starts the issues. After install I couldn’t find the 737 800 model in v4.5 I copied this over from 3.4 folder and it appears to work. I installed FSUICP V 5 and lost all my throttle settings. I copied the fsuicp4.ini file into the p4.5 modules folder and renamed and then re installed widefs both now registered I had comms across network and SIOC Was seeing the fsuicp module all good. 

Opening the sim itself fsuicpv5 is there as add on and Prosim sees the sim. All the sim displays are working and talking just throttle quad , yoke and rudder causing issues main problem being brakes stuck on and parking brake sometimes working. I deleted all the assignments from prpar3d and tried to reassign in fsuicp. After a while I decided to re install fsuicp again and widefs and copy a fresh copy of fsuicp4 ini file to start a fresh now I’m finding the entire controls are not working and in the fsuicp5ini file it says joystick missing. I’m ina bit of a mess and not really sure how it all goes together


Prepar3dv4.5 is the sim. SIOC and Prosim talk to the sim via fsuicpv5 widefs allows it to all talk over the network. Now do you calibrate in windows, sim or fsuicp

Should I remove all assignments, buttons etc from the sim p3d and just use Prosim and fsuicp  to control the sim assigning and calibrating from those respective programmes.

imwould appreciate a thought and suggestions to point me in right direction




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