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Temps here for the next few days. Summer has arrived !

Dec 18
Dec 19
Dec 20
Dec 21
Dec 22
Dec 23
Dec 24

Mostly sunny

Mostly sunny


Mostly cloudy

Mostly sunny

Mostly cloudy

Mostly sunny
Maximum 44°C 44°C 47°C 32°C 31°C 36°C 37°C
Minimum 20°C 21°C 21°C 19°C 9°C 11°C 14°C
Chance of Rain 5% 5% 60% 30% 10% 20%


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Bloody hell, Just a tad warm! You have my sympathy.

Have experienced similar temps in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea many years ago. In some places it got so hot we were not allowed on deck until nightfall as the steel got so hot it would not only make your boots stick to the deck ,but worse, if you happened to put a bare hand a ladder or valve wheel etc you'd lose your skin!  Thankfully that was quite rare but one place springs to mind and that was Khasab Bay just inside the straits of Hormuz.  Not only did the sun cause direct heat to the ship, but the surrounding mountains reflected their heat into us as well! We were anchored there for two weeks and after two days the Air-con packed up!  The Pump had to be removed from the engine room via cranes etc and then shipped by launch to Ras Al Khaimah for repair. It was like living in an oven! 

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On holiday in Morroco once I went to the edge of the Sahara for an overnight stay in some Bedouin tents. On the way out there it was 52 degrees C. Perhaps we shouldn't have gone in August. 😩

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