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Sherman Kaplan
Director Public Relations
DC3 Airways

DC3 Virtual Airways has pilots from countries all over the world, including Australia. In recognition of the grave conditions caused by the massive Wild Fires sweeping much of the Country, DCA has created three flights which it is offering without obligation to the entire Flight Simulation Community. While donations are not required to download and implement these scenarios, all sim pilots with the means to contribute to the relief effort are urged to do so.

DCA Operations Vice President Glen Broome has created the flights which are enclosed for individual use. Broome offers this explanation of the scenario, which involves ferrying fire fighters to certain drop zones using DC3 capable aircraft.

There are 3 flight plans available for this event.

The scenario:

It has been determined by local authorities that the safest and quickest means to delivering fire fighters is by utilizing old DC3 aircraft and their paratrooper dropping functionality to drop fire jumpers from 3 locations, to a specified location which is in a section of territory that is largely open and free of trees.

Aircraft from 3 locations, each with different routes to the DZ will drop the fire jumpers in as close a proximity as possible. Equipment is being collected at the location so that they can fight fires from the west that are threatening Mallacoota and the surrounding area.

The 3 flight plans, A , B, and C are allocated as follows depending on the software used by each pilot:

A = FS9 / FSX / FSX SE pilots - start point: YMER - cruise alt 3500'

B = P3D pilots - start point: YCOM - cruise alt 4500'

C = XPlane pilots - start point: YHOT - CRUISE ALT 4500'

The actual DZ is located at WP8 in each case. Release fire jumpers at 1000' AGL and airspeed of <120 knts
You will need to ensure that your aircraft has a paratrooper dropping functionality. So check the aircraft you intend to fly and look at the aircraft.cfg to see if a paradrop option is showing (and enabled) in the SMOKE section of your aircraft.

smoke.0=0.00,0.00,0.00, fx_ParaP3Dv4b

You not only need the aircraft.cfg entries but also the fx_ParaP3Dv4b.fx file and associated bmp files to be installed in your effects folder.

After the drop, aircraft will fly the rest of the route to Mallacoota airfield YMCO to land and spend a couple of minutes loading up with evacuees.

Then fly the remainder of the route west to Orbx YORB where the evacuees will be collected by local Red cross and Government facilities.

The situation in Australia is extremely serious and dangerous. So this scenario has 2 aims. Firstly to make us all better appreciate the gravity of the situation in Australia and second, to encourage us all in the Flight Simulation Community to make a donation via the following website to the Australian Red Cross or other local organizations as you choose, which are doing such a magnificent job down there.


Please keep those affected by these extreme conditions in your prayers as they struggle to both survive, protect property and rescue wildlife.

Here are links to DC3 aircraft with para drop capabilities,

At www.avsim.com search for this specific link: Douglas C-47R Skytrain V3.14 Beta for FSX/FSX-SE/P3D

www.sim-outhouse.com also has an inventory of DC3 aircraft. We suggest you do a specific search in their libraries







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