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AH2 - However flexible is it?

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AH isn't normaly something I would consider using as I only fly RAF aircraft. 

However with AH2 for X-Plane 11 I was pondering as to show I could use it to give some purpose to my flying. Could I use AH2 to do some RAF logistical flying? Troops to The Afgan, ammo to the Falklands and that kind of thing.

On easy mode I can get a lot of start-up cash (thanks HM Gov.) and a big plane, so I can work with that but can I....

  • Swap out the aircraft to say an A400M?
  • Set up my own destinations? 
  • Put my home base at Brize Norton?
  • Generally taylor the add-on to give it a more RAF feel.

Not sure what this last point might be as I don't have experience of the software but I am guessing those of you who have it can apply some thought to it. Little things perhaps, as an example, all the videos show money in dollars, can this be changes to pounds?

Is it possible to get a copy of the manual without purchasing the software?

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