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What can I expect......?

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Okay...I have decided to bite the bullet and use the stimulus check to buy a new pc.  It will take a while to get here, but my old one is about 8-9 years old.  The specs for the old one are :

Processor: 2.6 Ghz quad core.

Video Card: 8 GB (1228 Mhz)



The new PC is:

Processor: 4.1Ghz 6 core

Video Card: 6GB (1500 Mhz)

RAM: 8GB (2666Mhz).


I am running P3Dv3....I am wondering what sort of increase  in fps I can realistically expect.  If I am using standard vehicles on P3Dv3 and mid range settings, I can get about 28fps.  With some third party aircraft, I can just get into double figures!  If I am using Tac-pac, the computer always get an annoying bad stutter when I drop a bomb! (I am hoping the the new PC will reduce that issue).

I am not as technical as a lot of you out there, so was wondering what sort of figures I can realistically expect?


Thanks in advance.


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P3D v3 will run fine on your new specs.  Would not take too much notice of FPS.  Rather look for smoothness and lack of stutters.  Tuning your machine is where the magic happens.  Below are links to two websites, do youself a favour and have a good read....their is a lot to read !!

It was all based on FSX but can be applied to P3D v3 for the most part.





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OK...thanks for your input Arnold. 

I believe that the video card and memory can be updated easily if needs be (knowing how things move so fast on the computer and flight sim front, but I am hoping not to have to go there for a while).

The links are good too! :thanks:

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