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Has anyone tried this yet? Here are the improvements claimed-

  • Modified stall speeds flap up/flap down in accordance with published information. Aircraft will now stall at a significantly higher speed.
  • Numerous changes to engine performance, now in accordance with Lycoming O-235L2C (115HP, 2700RPM) See note below.
  • Fuel consumption adjusted.
  • Long Range Fuel Tanks 37.5USG total useable. See note below.
  • Fuel Gauges correctly calibrated.
  • Fuel Gauge indications will vary realistically in out of balance flight (depending on quantity of fuel in tank) and also on the ground when the aircraft is not wings level.
  • Flight tested to verify climb, cruise, service ceiling, fuel consumption etc in accordance with published information.
  • Oil Temperature Gauge - gauge calibration and oil temperature modelling adjusted.
  • Oil Pressure Gauge - gauge calibration and oil pressure modelling adjusted.
  • Electrical system - completely remodelled, using documented electrical loads etc.
  • Now models realistic battery discharge/charge and subsequent electrical system behaviour.
  • If battery goes flat, various systems will fail at various voltage levels as the battery discharges.
  • Ammeter - gauge calibration and behaviour.
  • Low voltage light now comes on below ~ 1000 RPM as in real life.
  • OAT thermometer now operates regardless of the position of the master switch.
  • The overhead (Dome) light can now be dimmed by the dimmer knob below the pilot control yoke.


  • The default aircraft panel has a Tachometer with a 2700RPM redline. As a result I have taken the decision to model the C152 with the corresponding and slightly uprated 115HP engine. (It is essentially the same engine as the 'standard' C152 Lycoming engine with 110HP/2550RPM redline, with a few extra horsepower gained from the additional RPM. The standard performance charts eg cruise power settings etc will still be valid. The extra horsepower means slightly better takeoff and go-around performance and a slightly higher service ceiling. The current version tested in the sim has a service ceiling around 15,500ft.)
  • The default aircraft panel depicted fuel gauges for Long Range Tanks (37.5USG) but the sim data was for Short Range Tanks (24.5USG useable). Again I have taken the decision to model the Long Range Tanks. This now gives the aircraft a nearly 9 hour endurance and a range of up to 670 nm. This makes the aircraft much more capable of long range flights in the sim, and I think much more useful. (Round the world type flight capability. :))
  • I have not tested this Mod in any of the activities, lessons etc that may utilise the default aircraft. I can't guarantee that it will not cause issues in some of these situations. Use at your own risk. :)

Available here https://github.com/DRF30q/C152X

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