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Real time over Norway .. Brrrr!

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Not all of us could get that high, and anyhow my little DA40 is not certified to fly into known icing, But still, the atmospherics were magnificent, and the much requested unicorns  rainbows were out in force. . .


On initial departure, things didn't look good. Our first challenge was to get over a bunch of mountains we couldn't see (and not everyone made it!)


Once over open water, I dropped down to 700ft in order to be victor mike charlie. But still, I was glad to pick up the ILS into this airport. You can't see it? Exactly!


Eventually though the clouds parted, to reveal . . . . . . an angry cloud cat!


Reluctant to go much over 1500ft, but the scenery is looking magnificent (if you don't look too closely at the lakes on pinnacles & at the bottom of massive sink holes)


Rainbows! Wouldn't be surprised if there's a unicorn on my tail.


Close - it's Andrew!


I don't quite have my tail in the clouds, but it's not far off


I love the cockpit reflections, but they can be pretty disorienting in solid IMC.

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