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Hi guys,

i am looking to get into the huge world that is VATSIM!

Im gently trying to get myself into it but i have a few questions.....VATSIM can be a bit daunting at times....

Can someone give me guidance on where to properly learn SIDs and STARS?

What set of headphones should i buy?

Thanks in advance


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Try the VATSIM website for the region you live in, that will probably be the best way to learn.

Always start your first few flights to and from smaller airports, the controllers can sometimes get a bit cranky if you are causing mayhem around the big airports. When I started I just sat on the tarmac at a towered airport and tuned into the various radio frequencies and listened in until I got the idea of what was going on. Try looking for an airport that has clearence, ground, tower and approach controllers online so that you can follow the proress of a certain aircraft from clearence to lift-off, this will get you into the swing of things in no time. When the VATUK page is up and running again there are usually annoucements made when ATC newbies are having exams, so head for that airport to listen in as there is probably going to be a lot of traffic. When you do take to the skies for the first time let the controllers know you are new to this and they will give you lots of help

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Pretty much what Rob said; just watch for a bit to get the hang of things. It doesn't take a huge amount of time to pick up.

For your first flight, perhaps write a little checklist of things to do. Go to an airport that's not particularly busy but has ATC online. (Download vRoute from the Vatsim site, this really helps me on choosing where to fly). If you have any questions or don't understand an instruction you have been given, use the private chat function to ask. Ask the controller or another pilot, the are all more than willing to offer some simple advice.

And most of all, relax. The whole idea is to have fun!

On the SIDs thing, if you have a payware add-on, the manual should describe how to input and fly a SID. If you have to do it by VORs and NDBs then it gets a little more technical, and something I'm not even confident with myself (But should really read up on...)

As I said, any questons, just ask!

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