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Has anyone else got ultra basic textures since updating to version

Here are a couple of screenshots I took from this morning.

Very strange.

 Is it the update or something from my end? I hope it's the former.


bad texures-2020-oct-14-001.jpg

bad texures-2020-oct-14-002.jpg

EDIT: Ignore the above, I found that during the update msfs turned off 'Bing Data World Graphics' in 'General'-'Data'.

All is well with the world scenery again after switching it back on.

So if you are experiencing a similar problem after the update, look in General-Data and check the setting there.


bad texures-2020-oct-14-003.jpg

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I had a pleasant flight through the Greek Islands last night, only it was real time, and getting dark, and the destination METAR was BKN 018TCU (so it was kinda bumpy and flashy). Didn't really get to look at the ground, lol

Microsoft Flight Simulator 13_10_2020 17_01_17.jpg

Microsoft Flight Simulator 13_10_2020 17_19_43.jpg

Microsoft Flight Simulator 13_10_2020 17_47_22.jpg


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Didn't look like much of an update, eh? :D

I do need to travel to other areas but I have been enjoying flying around my home state because it was never really covered well in my last sim. I am also still trying to get used to the flight dynamics such as the increased float during landing and the same lack of friction along with a few other things, this also might be on my part since being away from flight simming for a piece. 

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3 hours ago, Tim_A said:

Mine takes 2 minutes to the main menu screen (30 secs to the first black window, 1:15 to Press any key). No change after the update.

I have installed several gigabytes of scenery etc in the Community folder so maybe one of those is causing the issue. I just put a whole bunch in so will take them out and see if that resolves my issue.


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