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Just to break up the Russia-Netherlands dominance of the screenshots forum for a moment, I thought I'd throw in a brief sitrep on my ongoing RTW in MusFus...

So I started the trip at my local Out-of-bounds airfield, RAF Abingdon, and hit the randomiser. That told me to head east. And every time I landed after that I hit the randomiser again, to tell me where to go next. Other than a general eastwards bias, there's no more planning than that. Oh, and a distance limit of 250 miles, cos time. I wandered through France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, and UAE. Next up will be Oman.

So while I sip a virtual cocktail in the Skyview bar of the Burj Al Arab, here's a few pics:

The route so far.

Plan-G (v 07_12_2020 23_20_53.jpg


My hotel for the nightMicrosoft Flight Simulator 06_12_2020 21_36_34.jpg


Burj Khalifa. 2700 & something ft!Microsoft Flight Simulator 06_12_2020 21_43_11.jpg


Cos you do. Right?Microsoft Flight Simulator 06_12_2020 21_43_34.jpg


And a little sunset over the Gulf to round things off :)Microsoft Flight Simulator 06_12_2020 00_13_40.jpg

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