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I use the free Nvidia filters for MSFS, I am not too keen with the default blue haze, so these are the settings I use as a good start point, you can tweak from there?

Default, before filters


With Nvidia filters



  • Sharpen 6
  • Clarity 32
  • HDR Toning 12
  • Bloom 6


  • Tint Color 30
  • Tint Intensity 10
  • Temperature 6
  • Vibrance 20

Brightness / Contrast

  • Exposure -6
  • Contrast 30
  • Highlight 20
  • Shadows -50
  • Gamma -10


  • Sharpen 15
  • Ignore film Grain 100


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  • mutley changed the title to Nvidia filters
11 hours ago, mutley said:

Hi Phil, the game filters come with Geforce Experience so if you have an Nvidia graphics card you probably already have it installed. To bring up the interface press ALT+F3 when in the sim.

ALT+F3 not bringing up anything for me. I am on full screen do i need to be in windowed mode?


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2 hours ago, mutley said:

It shouldn't matter if you are full screen or windowed, you just need the Geforce Experience installed.  ALT+Z brings up the main Interface. 


Got it working, i had to restart the PC then it just worked. Looks pretty good.


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1 hour ago, needles said:

I'm not experiencing your problems Phil. I flew today and as soon as I press Alt -F3 the filters panel shows up. Are you able to take a screenshot with Alt-F1? This is another shortcut within GeForce Experience. 

Nothing would work at all. I did a driver reinstall and that sorted it, Perhaps it was somehow corrupt as Joe suggested.

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I guess i spoke too soon, Its stopped working again. It seems to happen every time i start the PC. I install the drivers and it works fine till i start the PC. Not really sure what is happening, i am using the current Geforce Drivers.

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