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Well, went for mine yesterday.  Had to travel some distance but the organisation and setup was amazing. Attended at the pre-booked time, about 15 folk infront of me.  Marshalls ran the car park from arrival to departure. In and out in 15 mins.  No waiting time afterwards as they were using the AZ variant.  Going again today, taking the wife.  Well impressed !!

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I had mine a week ago by shear fluke.

My wife and I were shopping late in the day and were wandering past our local vaccination centre when a woman came out in her NHS uniform and asked if we wanted to get vaccinated. Once the Pfizer stuff is warmed up from extreme cold it has to be used and they had some teft over at the end of the day.

My wife is a Nurse and had already had hers but I leapt at the chance. Better than winning the lottery I reckon.


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