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The old Job! Leyland National Mk1, London Transport 1980

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The Leyland National is an integrally-constructed British step-floor single-decker bus manufactured in large quantities between 1972 and 1985. It was developed as a joint project between two UK nationalised industries – the National Bus Company and British Leyland I was lucky enough to drive them in LT service in the early 90s, (though by then they were getting on a bit.) I had also driven them in Leeds in the mid 80s. I drove the 285 route on many occasions.   This model is built to 1/76 scale and was intended to compliment OO Scale model railways. I scratch built a lot of interior fittings as the model was pretty sparse if built as intended. I added the drivers internal door, ticket machine, internal space dividers and draught preventers next to the centre doors. 










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On 12/02/2021 at 16:26, mutley said:

I remember this bus, they came in to use in the final years of my schooling.

They were good solid vehicles, but with heavy use they were starting to show their age by the time I qualified to drive them. Nevertheless we still had a load of them in both Leeds and later in London. The older ones really chucked out a load of exhaust smoke on steep hills. In most operators they were replaced with the Lynx. 

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