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1 hour ago, mutley said:

I didn't know they did the AN-3

"We know well of An-2 Annushka, but, it has a sibling An-3, that's less known. An-2 flew in Aug 1947, and the An-3 (though numerically designated just "1+") flew 33 years later, in May 1980. So, although it is designated An-3, this number was not assigned in chronological sequence. Antonov assigned "-3" designation to the plane because it was meant to replace the An-2. It was possible to assign "-3" to this plane, because, in the serial list of Antonov aircraft, after An-2, appear An-6 (Maiden flight 1948) and An-4 (Maiden flight 1951) i.e. An-3 designation was skipped and left unfulfilled, and, therefore, available for later use, until 1980. An-3 is a turboprop powered version of An-2. It is one of the few turbine-powered "biplane" designs to date. This is a unique (and rare) Soviet/Ukrainian/Russian aircraft, in the venerable lineage of An-2. It was, however, very marginally successful, compared to An-2 (Only 25 units of An-3 were built, while the number of An-2s, built, was in excess of 18,000)."

PS - New Antonov An-2MC



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Lovely work, Always had a soft spot for the AN-2 and it's debitives. They always look like tough old bush planes. Always a joy to fly in FS as well. Can go just about anywhere.  The AN-3 I guess brought a whole new lease of life to the aircraft in much the same way as the Otter and Beaver.  

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