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Justflight release F-14 A/B Tomcat!

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DC Designs' new F-14 A/B Tomcat package for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now on sale, bringing you highly detailed and VR-ready A and B models in a total of seven paint schemes, with front and rear cockpit positions, authentic cockpit night lighting, custom sound sets for both variants and custom-coded manoeuvring flaps, slats and intake ramps.

Among the other features are F-14 Tomcat systems which include Direct Lift Control, CADC and basic ACLS, Head-Up Display, reflective glass, icing and rain effects, numerous accurate animations and user-controlled ordnance via the Payload Manager.

These aircraft have been coded with MSFS native 'Model Behaviors' animations and are built to MSFS operational specifications to prevent issues with future simulator upgrades.

Priced at:  £24.99/€29.99/$34.99

Product Page: https://www.justflight.com/product/dc-designs-f14-a-b-tomcat-microsoft-flight-simulator

Note: DC Designs' F-14 Tomcat is designed to provide a top-quality aircraft that is extremely detailed, yet less demanding to fly than today’s most complex procedural simulators. Equipped with all required avionics, and with custom-coded animations and systems, the DC Designs F-14 Tomcat is designed to be accessible to all users without the need for intense study.

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On 06/09/2021 at 17:40, mutley said:

"Horses for courses" Phil, DCS will always be the dogs b******* but this is designed to work on MSFS so it's always going to be less realistic. :) 

True enough.

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