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PMDG problems.....again...

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Hi lads!

Im having some trouble with the PMDG 747/737-800-900.

When I switch to "spot" view, my FPS is going up and down (first 40, then 10, then 40 and then 10 etc.)

I have tried to re-install them both twice but dosen't work, I've never had this problem before with the PMDG products.

Anyone got an idea of what it can be?

BTW: Latest patches/updates have been installed for both products.

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If I may, when it comes to PMDG products, they are a very intensive and detailed aircraft. You have to remember that with PMDG products, they act like the real aircraft so when you are flying and switch to spot view, the model is being displayed in all it's glory and all the while it is doing it's wonderful calculations in the background (such as flight physics) which tends to load down your machine. It is what it is, but for me being a user of the PMDG 747-400, I consider it a small sacrifice to pay in order to use a ultra-realistic aircraft. :)

One tip though that might help, try adjusting your scenery and sky settings to something a little bit lower, which would help take away some of the load on the graphics card. I sacrificed some eye candy myself just so i could get more cpu and gpu power into the aircraft. Really, the question you want to ask yourself is whether you want lot's of eye candy or really good functionality out of the aircraft. From what I have noticed with FSX in particular, no one can have their cake and eat it too. :)

Good Luck,


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