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It took me a while before I started with paint Auntie Ju, due to the stupid mirrored door textures, but with that problem solved I found I really like the old girl.

So here are my Ju-52 paints so far:

they built a few 100 of them after the war in France as the Amiot AAC1 Toucan:


they were used in Sweden, with wheels:


and with floats (and mirrored door)


and even impressed into the Swedish Air Force during the war:


the Dutch Flight School used a few right after the war:


Belgian air line Sabena flew a few before the war:


TAI of France (and Air France too) started up service in 1946 with several Ju's, this one ending up on Mt Ventoux in bad weather


and even BEA flew 10 in 1946 and 1947, before British aircraft became available


and in 1955, Bobby Gibbes bought 3 Ju-52's in Sweden, flew the to Australia and started Gibbes Sepik Airways in New Guinea. The Ju's flew until 1960.



Finally, two luftwaffe paints, but now with swastika. One which was used in the invasion of the Nterlands and crashed there:


and one in Eastern front snow camouflage:







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