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It's a balance of the collective and attitude.

If you have a joystick that's the throttle and elevator controls. when manoeuvring don't make big adjustments to the pitch and roll as sometimes it takes a while to respond and you end up on a spin so gently does it!

You just have to get a feel for the aircraft, we can't really tell you how, it's like riding a bike.


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As Mut said do everything slowly, small inputs with the controls are the key. I find that the throttle is mainly the control that will help you to hover. Try to hover while you are in spot mode looking from the side and use the default Bell 106 jet-ranger as it is more forgiving than the Robo 22.

For the past few years i have been working as ground crew for a helicopter charter company and have spent alot of time in and around Jet-rangers and Long-rangers and have learnt alot by just watching pilots using the controls while flying and then i try to do the same on flight sim. Like everything in life it is down to practice. Good luck. :yikes:

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