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Boeing 767 Pedestal Project

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Hello there fellow Hangar Members!

This topic is a "blog" section for a rather unique project that I'm undertaking.

It's entitled "Boeing 767 Pedestal Project", and that's what it is.


Many old-time hangarians will have seen this thread at least once or twice over the years, which was started way back in 2009. After a series of (long) stops and starts, I can now happily announce that the pedestal project is back in full swing (August 2013). Some information in this initial post is out of date, and I'll be doing my hardest over the next few weeks to get it all back up to date.


This project initially started life as a Boeing 747 Pedestal project using the PMDG 747. However despite early sucess, it soon became apparent that the 767 was the aircraft I truly wanted. Furthermore, thanks to the SDK (Software Development Kit) provided with the Level-D 767, we have been able to install a large amount of avionics that would otherwise be unavailable to us with the 747.


To interface all of our modules, we use Opencockpits' excellent range of hardware and their equally brilliant scripting software, SIOC. I have written many reviews featuring their products, please take a read in the reviews section of the website.

I'll be making a full-size, realistic Boeing 767 Pedestal out of wood, which I estimate will take around a full year to complete fully, however within a few months should start to look attractive. Remember, the project can always turn out alot longer/shorter than originally stated. This is my first major FS Project and I will not rush myself.

Please note that I'll be constantly updating this thread, trying to inform you all when an update has developed. Obviously this is a rather large adventure, so your support and intrest is always welcomed and appreciated.

I'll add a description, and photo (where applicable) to each blog post and try and give as much information as possible per post.

I've completed the Pedestal's documentation, and am making very smooth progress at the moment (please see below posts for all blog information).

The Pedestal will feature a large array of fully functioning avionics. Initially when I started this project back in 2009, I had planned on using a mixture of pre-built units and dummy units. Since then however, myself and my father have come a long way in terms of what we can build and thus we are able to produce a fully functioning pedestal. In due time of course!

Although a fair portion of the avionics are pre-built modules, we have constructed some of the avionics ourselves and I have written the SIOC code to allow them to be interfaced with FS2004/FSX (NOTE: I use FSX as my primary simulator). Details of how we constructed each piece are provided with each post.


In August 2013, a large portion of the pedestal was cut and rebuilt in order to house new, up to date avionics and to bring the project forward. For the sake of nostalgia, the old appearance of the Pedestal is maintained in this first post (below).

Avionics (AS OF: 21/8/2013):

COM1 Radio Unit - Status: INSTALLED

Transponder Unit - Status: INSTALLED


Pedestal Appearence (BEFORE AUGUST 2013):




Current Pedestal Appearence (As of LATEST POST):


(Awaiting photo; currently in worksop! - 25/8/2013)


I would also like to thank Simi Avi8 for designing a series of signatures for the Pedestal thread way back in 2009. Those times are long gone, but the gratitude never dies. Thank you Simi!

Thanks very much to Joe for making this a sticky on the forums.

Anyway! Thanks for reading and all update posts will follow below.


Aircraft Aviation

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Friday 20th November 2009

Project announced on Mutley's Hangar forums. I've almost finished finalising the project's documentation and design plans. I'll be acquiring the materials very soon, and then it's onto the making. No pictures yet (obviously), but I can give you this screenshot of the design plans:


That's all for now lads. Don't be afraid to comment on the project.

AA :biggrin:

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Good luck with this!

A guy who used to fly with my VA once tried making a home cockpit and almost got to the end, until the authorities in the USA somehow found out what was going on, due to his ethnic background got a bit nervous about it and seized all his work!

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Saturday 21st November 2009

I've started to make a 3D model of the Pedestal using SketchUp. Hopefully later today I'll be purchasing the wood required for the bottom of the Pedestal. Construction will start soon on the bottom of the Pedestal as follows (highlighted in black):


Below are the plans that I drew on the PC for the base only:


Progress is very smooth at the moment - The base has been finished. It's been professionally varnished. The wood used for the base is chipboard, and for the sides will be MDF. Plywood was not an option as it becomes distorted and curved over time. Below is a photograph of the finished base, tomorrow construction will start on the sides:


Thanks very much,

AA :biggrin:

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Ohhhh yes. A big project can NEVER be completed without more than adequate planning

Reminds me of the Seven Ps of Planning...

Prior Perfect Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance

Nice CAD work.


Haha, nice 7 Ps there :winka: .

Strangely enough, it was the first time I'd really used any sort of CAD design, so I'm pretty stunned at the result I got :smile: .

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Sunday 22nd November 2009

Great day today! I've managed to apply four strengthening bars to the Pedestal Base, which not only strengthens it but also gives me something to securely bolt the sides onto. I've also painted the inside of the Pedestal Base white, so that when I start adding controls (such as transponder, etc), the lighting that I use to backlight them up will have maximum reflection from the white inner walls allowing a spectacular display.

Anyway! Enough talking! On with the pictures!




Hopefully, tomorrow I'll start the sides (made of MDF). I've already finished varnishing the MDF for the sides, all that's left to do is paint them and cut them, and that'll make the full sides of this part of the Pedestal:


That's all for now lads!


AA :winka:

P.S: I'm perfectly aware of the health problems of MDF - I'll be wearing a respiratory mask!

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Monday 23rd November 2009

Well work has been going on late into the night to cut that darned MDF and paint it properly - But finally it's been done.

The side panels for the bottom end have been completed (as posted above), however they've not been attatched yet.

Unfortunately no pictures tonights, I'm shattered and need some good ol' rest.

Thanks for your continued support guys.

AA :winka:

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Sorry guys - Not really covered much today except for the side panels of the Pedestal have been re-coated in paint for extra quality.

I won't make a pogress blog tonight as I'll pretty much end up just repeating yesterday's.

However, Wednesday and Thursday some work should be done, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday I should get a considerable amount done. The next week is definitely something to look forward to on the Pedestal project!

Thanks guys,

Jack :stars:

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Heya Magic Man, thanks for the in-depth reply.

Regarding weight, it is very heavy but that gives it a definitive nice feel. If it was light and cheap I don't think I'd be so happy, but the heavy weight really is nice :cool: .

Regarding sealing, I always re-coat with sealant over holes I've drilled etc, then leave to dry for an appropriate amount of time.

Anyway, I'll start tonight's Pedestal Workshift soon, expect the usual blog post!


Jack :sorry:

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Friday 27th November 2009

Securely fixed rear side panel to Pedestal Base. It's a very strong bond, for durability and quality. Panel was made of MDF and painted a Pedestal Brown.





Thanks for viewing guys! Rest assured tomorrow the remaining two side panels for the back of the Pedestal will be installed.

Thanks very much,

Jack :sorry:

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