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Simple question:

Which is the best AI traffic program in terms of performance?

I know that there will always be some performance hit, but I was wondering if My Traffic X or Ulitmate Traffic were better than Traffic X? Although the models in traffic X are good, i would easily trade them in for lesser models with more performance.

I know there are freeware products out there, but I don't want to go down that route because last time I used World of AI it messed up my system


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I run UT2 all the time, as it runs independently via sim-connect it really has no impact on performance and can be run along side other traffic programs..

My favourite bgl type program is MyTrafficX which I also have permanently installed, a superb program which blows TrafficX out of the water in both the quality and performance.

Why not get MyTraffic from Aerosoft and do a review of your experience? (under the usual terms of course :welcomeani: ) I would love to read your opinion.


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What traffic add on do you think gives the best quality? No matter what performance!....including world of AI?


Being the frugal fella i am, and really pushing the world of freeware when it comes to Flight Sim, I was just going to recommend WoAI CaptHill.

It's top class stuff, there are just tens of thousands of real-world AI plans made and readily available out there. The app itself is so easy to set up, very very easy to manage and, here's the best part, both it and its add-on parts (e.g. further AI plans for airlines) are all 100% FREE

Seriously, check it out guys... here's the link (click the banner)


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Hi Guys,

With the immanent build of a new PC, hopefully next week I need to consider my AI, not sure if I want to re-install WOA as there are some glitches with this, although it is fantastic. So I am considering MyTraffic 2010 or Ultimate Traffic 2, although the later is still not out on disc which is really frustrating.

Looking at the two, MyTraffic 2010 seems to generate more traffic and have more liveries, my concern is that on Aerosofts own website they state the following:

This enormous number also counts on the fact that My Traffic 2010 is not "very active" in North America and Western Europe - You can also explore every part of the world and find airlines you`ve never heard of before.

That can't be right can it? I mean these have to be the busiest sky's in the world and SlimAir Logistics is bases mainly in Europe at the moment....

Can anyone shed any light?

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Well, Sabre, I once had Traffic (was 2005) for FS9 and still use it for FSX - but for FS9, I use World of AI (as a few do here) - I could run only 50% AI with T2005, but sometimes I can run up to 100% traffic at Heathrow with WoAI (Aerosoft Mega Airport Heathrow).

But, looking through the screenshots of MyTraffic V5.3 Pro, it looks reasonable. The textures seem a bit out in terms of clearness, but that may be something else - possible user setting. But the military stuff looks a bit worse for wear - a green F-18 pilot! Some of the airliners look a little 'blocky'

For the mil stuff, I'd go to Military AI Works - free and auto-installers.

But, it's all a question of quality or performance. For looks, nothing beats WoAI and MAIW. But for performance, I'd say that My Traffic V5.3 Pro would be better.

Just for comparison, here's WoAI :


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The WoAI looks great. I've downloaded the installer and installed a number of aircraft/airlines. Are they automatically placed in the flights in line with the FSX Traffic settings menu?

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