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Ground textures

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Hi Rich,

In FS9 it was Flight Environment, FS Global SE and the planet was sorted!

With FSX, because of the extra detail available the disc cost has become much higher, so what appears to be happening is the developers are concentrating more on continents even countries.

I use GenX and UK2000 Airfields for the UK, for Europe I use Ultimate Terrain X which is very good but I understand Ground Environment X Nhanced Europe is very good too. Certainly if it is half as good as the FS9 version then is it more than worth it,

If you are thinking of Australia you just have to get the FTX scenery as it is breathtaking. They are just about to release the Pacific north west and Canada which is becoming one of the most anticipated releases ever. Not sure of their plans for Europe yet.

There is a FS Global 2010 out for FSX which will give you your pointy bits back to the mountains but individual scenery area mesh would probably be better. So what you have to decide is do you want a global solution which will be a good resolution or a regional solution which will be high resolution.

If you are starting out on this path, make sure you have plenty of disc space!

As a start, GENX and GEX would be a great choice!


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I use Ultimate Terrain Europe, looks good and all the roads are in the right place which is what I use for visual flying. It's also very parameter driven so you can turn on/off almost everything depending on your machine.

Thinking about getting FS-Global-2010, any one seen it or have any views on it?


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