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Some beautiful entries already....very hard to top some of them, but I'll step up to the mark as always, and without further ado, here's the first of my three

Auster J/5R 'Alpine' G-APAA. Formerly owned by the Automobile Association in England, and used for traffic spotting duties!


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Pic1. Just taking some pass. on a sightseeing trip.


Pic2. Doing a low fly pass in a Ford Tri-Motor, just saying Hi to my mate who is waiting to taxi out.


Pic3. Coming into land after a 200+mph dash with my DH-88 Comet, just passing the black sheds at Farnborough.


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love that 1st shot mike, very nice DH89a 'Dragon Rapide' very nice indeed!

as for me, well, here's No.2.... Rick Pipers superb DH Chipmunk wearing a private livery registration G-AORW which still flies and is kept in airworthy condition today by its owner in Scotland.


P.S. - don't you just love REX, just look at those clouds and colours!!!

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Thanks simi. Very nice pic of a Chipmunk, good luck for the comp.

An RAF Chipmunk was the very first a/c I flew in at 14yrs.old,I was in the ATC at the time. We did alot of aerobatics and I had ago at flying her. :bowdown: This was out of White Waltham.

It was Just Fab. :dance:

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Love the shots of Rapide G-AKIF, I used to fly on that aircraft regularly when she was based at Booker. I worked for Personal Plane services owned by Tony Bianchi and that aircraft was in our care. We used it for joy riding when things were quiet. She then wore an overall Dark blue colour scheme on the fuselage with the markings in white. I,ll have to dig out some photos of her and taken from inside when we were over the chilterns. A really lovely old aircraft.

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DA, that's a great story, and one i'd love to see the photos of. I've only once flown in a DH89a, and if memory serves it was Air Atlantique's G-ATGM in the all blue colours...

anyways, i came back with my 3rd of this competition, but i've still got 2 days off next week to play with a few things, so who knows, i might be back with a replacement yet!!

Here she is, its the venerable P-51D Mustang "Cripes A' Mighty" taking it low and slow over Colorado, just a few clicks from Granby-Grand County Airport (KGNB)


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Thanks to everyone who entered this month :good:

As ever, a very high standard of shots I pondered over a couple of shots for quite a while but this one came out tops! Very colourful and just the thing for a dreary day outside.

So without further ado, this months winner is RB16015 with this picture of the Junkers JU52 :cool:


Check your PM's Ray :winka:

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