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Boeing 767 Overhead Project

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Tuesday 27th July

Well, as promised a few weeks back, here are some nice high-res photos of the Overhead panel, snapped using my lovely new Kodak M350 Camera. The following images have the IRS Annunciators fully installed (but not yet wired to a Mastercard for interfacing with FSX).

Full overhead Panel:


Closeup of Overhead Panel:


Closeup of annunciators, with all lights turned on:


I do apologise for the lack of movement recently, all progress has been stalled due to my Motorised Instruments efforts (which have greatly paid off). I will install the Audio panel into my Pedestal first, and then attnetion will turn to the Overhead Panel.

Jack :thumbup:

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Excellent work Jack. Everything is looking lovely. It will take on a life of its own when complete with all paint jobs done. Can't wait to see it. Keep up your (and Dads) excellent work.

Bravo :thumbup:

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Friday 20th August 2010

The Opencockpits Master and USBExpansion Cards have arrived. These provide 73 Inputs and around 60 outputs to power the Overhead panel. A few of the inputs will also be used for my Pedestal Project.

Annunciators are being constructed (six of them) for the Overhead Panel. These are the SYS PRESS/QTY and PRESS/OVHT indicators in the lower left of the Overhead Panel on the LDS767.

More pics tomorrow.

Jack :winka:

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Wednesday 24th August 2010

Firstly, I apologise for the lateness in this post.

From now on, all update posts in both the Overhead & Pedestal will be laid out differently, for better clarification of new featues.

NEW FEATURES: 24/8/2010

- Added Six annunciators; Three for Hydraulics and Three for DEMAND

- Installed IRS Display Selector

- Installed IRS Source Selector (L, C, R)


- IRS Display Panel, which displays Coordinates, etc

- Fully labelled 1st Column

- "Wooden" finish removed by overpainting with (used on Pedestal) Boeing CreamBrown


- Master Card, which interfaces Overhead Panel -> FSX, has arrived and is being Mounted and Wired

- USBExpansion, which allows for USB Connection between Master Card & PC, also allows an "expansion" by allowing 4 Master Cards to be connected to one PC

SuperTwist LCD Display, which will be used for the IRS Coordinates Display. This is interfaced to FSX via the Opencockpits USBLCD Card, see below.


- Opencockpits USBLCD Card. Opencockpits have very kindly offered me a free review copy of this Interfacing Card. Like the Master, Servo and Keys USB Cards of Opencockpits, it is interfaced using SIOC.


Brand New Annunciators:



The Real Panel:


Full Overhead Panel Shots:



Master Card:



USBExpansion Card:



IDC Cable, connecting Master Card to Hardware buttons/LEDs/etc:


Thanks very much for viewing everyone!

Jack :biggrin:

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I am just loving all these new switches and annunciators, I think I live the newer format better.


Thanks very much Joe!

I will keep this new format then, and also use it in the 747Pedestal Project updates too.

Those annunciators are a nightmare to make, but they really do look great when completed. :clapping:

Thanks for feedback,

Jack :winka:

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Hi Jack,

Things are coming alomg nicely mate, well done.

Question....Would you be prepared to put the price of items you buy for this epic project, alongside the item, so that we who are interested have a rough idea how much it actually costs to do a project like this?

No probs if this idea sounds horrid. Seeing the costs in print may shock you too much :woot:

But it would be interesting to see if some of us would actually start something like this, if we knew the costs involved before we start.

Keep up the great work O pit meister.



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Thursday 9th August


- Opencockpits LCD Card & Display have been configured. Oh Yeah!!!!!! It was *incredibly* hard to wire and figure out, but now all is done... It hasn't been mounted into the overhead yet, but here is an example display :biggrin: .


- The DECCA Panel (NOT related to the overhead (Pedestal), but, it is wired to the master card just like the Overhead Panel will be) has been fully installed. I am doing the final coding to get this baby working for the Pedestal. BTW: I included the DECCA Panel in this post because it shows example wiring to a Master Card...




- Installation of Overhead Panel Frame


Jack :???:

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Hey Jack n Dad, Loving the new pics. I bet Joe is ecstatic that you have chosen to call it the 'Mutley's Hangar' version.

He will be soooo proud of you. :biggrin:

Looking forward to the rest of the project.

Keep up the great work mate.



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Hey Jack n Dad, Loving the new pics. I bet Joe is ecstatic that you have chosen to call it the 'Mutley's Hangar' version.

He will be soooo proud of you. :biggrin:

Looking forward to the rest of the project.

Keep up the great work mate.



Thanks very much Brian, you support is more than appreciated! :???:

I am thinking of the following idea... Tell me what you think.

After starting up FSX, the display will state "Overhead Project... Muts Hangar" (exactly as per previous page), but, when I enter a flight, it automatically displays the co-ordinates. The "Mutley'sHangar" display can almost be like a permenent "loading" screen (for example, when you start REX up, there is load screen for about 10 seconds)...

I hope I've explained it well enough! :yess:

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Hey Jack, as you may have guessed I have been off-line for a week. I went down to the air show at RAF Leuchars last saturday and wifey and I had a cottage near Anstruther in Fife. A great week away but OMG no mobile signal, no wifi, no village pub, no shops need I go on. The air show was fantastic (pics will be up tomorrow), didn't get too many though as my back was playing up a wee bit and I just couldn't get into any of the static aircraft. But the show was excellent.

Now, onto your thread....What you are proposing to do sounds like a great idea. It would even give you an indication as to what prog' was firing up at that time. Go with it mate.

Cheers for now


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