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hi again on the above add on i have a little problem,when i am taxiing it is very hard to turn.

went outside the plane and on closer inspection noticed the nose wheel had some kind of clamp on it.

what is it?and how do i get rid of it?thanks again regards mick

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Hi Mick

What you are seeing there is the nose gear spray deflector, it should always be there.

As for the difficulty turning, it may be you have the autopilot engaged?

You may need to use the differential brakes to turn as well.


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There is a way to adjust the maximum steering deflection of the nose wheel in the aircraft.cfg file, but I don't recommend going that way unless you're sure it's not something else. I'd have to got back to the SDK documentation to get the details, but there are lines in the [contact points] section of the aircraft.cfg file for each wheel (and some other things). One of the parameters in the nose wheel line limits the amount of steering deflection allowed for the nose wheel. By increasing that you can decrease the AC turning radius, but overdoing it may cause control problems on take-off and landing where speed is high.

For large, multi-engine AC, differential braking and differential power are often major adjuncts to nose wheel steering.


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