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heyup lads its me again,

i like to uninstall my flight sims and add ons every now and again yhen reinstall them again,

do it every 3 or 4 months just to clean it up.

fs global and one of the british airport add ons i cant seem to install back into fs 2004.

on the uninstall i am sure i remove everything from my computer including the fs folders which i know can cause problems if you dont.

fs global and british airports do install into the computer but dont go into the actual flight simmainly fs 2004,they work fine in fsx,

on fs 2004 i go to the settings then to the scenery library and there is nothing there.it used to be when i first installed it though.as i said fsx is no problem.

when i was using vista this problem never occured,only since i have been using windows 7.

also i got the fly tampa st maartin and it is brilliant in fsx,but when i install it in 2004 it looks like the scenery is in 2 layers and it does my head in.

off away for a few days so please dont think i am being rude not answering any off you straight away.

well done mutley and everyone for a fantastic site.regards mick :yikes:

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just to add to the above do you think that i may have left the remnants of fs in the files when i have uninstalled it,

i remember in the past when i tried to reinstall fs 2004 and because i didnt uninstall it correctly i got all sorts of problems.

anyway i will be back on mon,hope someone may have a solution for me then,regards mick :yikes: :nea: :help::help:

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not sure I understand your problem (I'm not a native English speaker). From what I understand there are 2 problems:

- some sceneries are not installed automatically into the scenery library. If this is the case it could be connected to Windows 7, which does not always work correctly with the installers. Solution would be to add the scenery manually (This might also be of help in case it cannot be installed Manually:http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=4548

- some sceneries appear to be in 2 layers. Do you mean 2 layers of runways/taxiways? This could be a problem with FS9 showing the standard afcad file and the custom addon afcad file at the same time.

Did I get this right?

Kind regards


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