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Welcome to Kieran's CIVA system Tutorial!!

So, you've downloaded either the INS or an aircraft with the INS. But now, how on earth do you use it? Well, this tutorial shall tell you how!!

The INS:


Now, to understand this :


1 = N/S Display (Display No.1)

2 = E/W Display (Display No.2)

3 = Waypoint number

4 = Selector

5 = Computer Selector

6 = Waypoint from-to

7 = Keypad

OK - so now you know what all the stuff means. Now to programme it. We�ll do a short flight from Heathrow (EGLL) to Frankfurt Main (EDDF)


First, get your flightplan (in this case from FS). Save it how you want. In my case, IFR Heathrow � Frankfurt CIVA Check. Then, minimise FS and go to C:My DocumentsFlight Simulator Files. Find the flight plan and open it. It should look like this:



title=EGLL to EDDF

description=EGLL, EDDF




departure_id=EGLL, N51* 28.27', W0* 29.17', +000080.00

departure_position=GATE L 523

destination_id=EDDF, N50* 1.66', E8* 32.09', +000364.00



waypoint.0=, EGLL, , EGLL, A, N51* 28.27', W0* 29.17', +000080.00,

waypoint.1=EG, BIG, , BIG, V, N51* 19.85', E0* 2.09', +000000.00,

waypoint.2=EG, DVR, , DVR, V, N51* 9.75', E1* 21.55', +000000.00, UG1

waypoint.3=EG, KONAN, , KONAN, I, N51* 7.85', E2* 0.00', +000000.00, UG1

waypoint.4=EB, KOK, , KOK, V, N51* 5.68', E2* 39.10', +000000.00, UL607

waypoint.5=EB, REMBA, , REMBA, I, N50* 39.73', E4* 54.85', +000000.00, UL607

waypoint.6=EB, NUVIL, , NUVIL, I, N50* 32.12', E5* 31.43', +000000.00, UL607

waypoint.7=EB, SPI, , SPI, V, N50* 30.88', E5* 37.40', +000000.00, UL607

waypoint.8=EB, LARED, , LARED, I, N50* 25.15', E5* 47.93', +000000.00, UL607

waypoint.9=EB, SPI28, , SPI28, I, N50* 13.00', E6* 11.00', +000000.00, UL607

waypoint.10=ED, NTM, , NTM, V, N50* 0.95', E6* 31.91', +000000.00, UL607

waypoint.11=ED, ADENU, , ADENU, I, N50* 1.53', E6* 54.45', +000000.00, UL984

waypoint.12=ED, PIMIS, , PIMIS, I, N50* 2.05', E7* 17.97', +000000.00, UL984

waypoint.13=ED, RUDUS, , RUDUS, I, N50* 2.85', E8* 4.70', +000000.00, UL984

waypoint.14=, EDDF, , EDDF, A, N50* 1.66', E8* 32.09', +000364.00,

What we need is this piece :

Waypoint0= EGLL, N51*28.27, W0*29.17

And so on

For the INS, we need N51282 (leave out the last number so that it reads below) and W02917.


The W reading should read 002917. Press INSERT when both readings are OK

Continue programming by pressing a button. It�s the one on the left to the Waypoint number


Carry on programming.

When you get to the end, it should look like this


Now. Press WY PT CHG button (underneath From/To). The insert light should be on. Then press 1 and 2 in that order. Press insert and 12 should appear in the From/To area. Switch the large knob to DIS/TIME and the small one to AUTO. It should look like this:



That's it for ground planning.

Last piece:

Once airborne, engage the autopilot and (on the RFB 747 anyway), turn the HDG selector (on A/P area) to INS. Then the autopilot should follow the INS. Once airborne, it should look like this:


Left = Distance Right - Time

If needed (on this flight it is), when on waypoint 6/7, turn the large knob to WAY PT and cycle through until the WYPT display says 1. Now do exactly the same as earlier to put the co-ordinates into the INS. When the INS gets to 9, it will automatically go to Waypoint 1.

And that's it. If it works, congratulations! If not, I�m sorry, but redo all these steps and it should work!

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