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Anyone else using the JF MD81/82 ariliner?

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Like the title says I have one small problem with the MD81/82 from JF.

I have followed the tutorial flight almost by the letter, but when I get to take off I still have two (or rather four since both of them are on both R & L side) messages left on the EOAP.

It's "R & L AC BUS OFF", and "R & L START DOOR OPEN".

Should they really be there, as far as I understand it should be empty if everything is set up correctly. To amend the AC BUS message I have tried to set the AC BUS X TIE switch in both positions, without success. I also tried resetting the L&R Generators. Any ideas on these messages?

The only step I have skipped in the tutorial is setting the T/O COND/CG bug to line up with the elevator trim marker, since that resulted in a drastic nose up movement, with tail strike as a result, long before I had reached Vr. I also felt that the indicated +4 elevator trim is a bit much. Had to struggle a bit to keep the nose from rocketing up after lift off.

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After a CTRL+E start I had the L & R AC BUS OFF message on the announciator, but not the R & L START DOOR OPEN message.

I also did a new manual start up following the tutorial, and then the AC BUS OFF message wasn't there, so I must have done something wrong regarding the electrics in my first try. But the START DOOR OPEN was still present.

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