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Good Boeing 737 models

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I've been looking for a good Boeing 737 model to replace the default one. Not a ultra realistic version, but prehaps a tad more complex then the F-lite range from JF.

What I've found so far is the Wilco PiC 737 and a bunch of different versions from Ariane Design.

Looking at them the Ariane versions are probably way to complex for me, plus it's very expensive (£69.95 for each model in the download version and £79.95 for the boxed version) so that leaves the Wilco PiC version I guess.

Does anyone have experince of these models? I'd be happy for any input, or suggestions of other models.

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The Wilco 737 seems okay... it can't be that bad as FS2Crew do it. But, as to the complexity level, I don't know.

For FS9 it has to be the iFly 737 - which is a full sim, although it will start up in the RTO state.

I don't think there is much between the Lite versions and the full sims to be honest.

BUT... Have you tried an alternative to the 737 ? If you are new to the heavies as I was six months ago, I'd start the way I did: with the Super80 MD81-3 series.

There are two choices here. The super-realistic MADDOG PRO 2010 from Leonardo SH - very realistic. And my personal fave: the Coolsky Super80 from Flight1.

The best thing about the Coolsky versions, is they have built-in graphical tutorials and you can set any of 7 or 8 panel states at the push of a button. This allows you to save the flight AND the panel state (very rare for a complex plane!)

Second feature, is that they come in 2 flavours for FSX: the classic analogue panel with ONS (Omega Navigation System - basically an INS-based GPS system) and a superb performance management system. Moreover, you can import basic FS flightplans straight into it !

The other is the more complex modern cockpit with the full traditional FMC and more modern glass cockpit. But, it still has the ability to select various panel-states in mid-flight , and the graphical tutorial system.

My advice is to get the Coolsky Pro, and start with the 'Classic' analogue version. Once you learn the old basic ONS/PMS systems - which are really quite easy - you can then move on to the modern cockpit version, which adds the extra layer of complexity presented by the modern FMC.

They are both very good on framerates too, especially in FSX - about the same as a Carenado GA !

The only downside of the Coolsky, is that some feel it looks a little "cartoony" - but I actually quite like it - and it is quite heavy on RAM useage. but if you have 4GB or more, you will be okay.

Now I've mastered the Super80, I'm now on the Wilco Ejets (E170/E190) which are much more complex, in that they have lots of AP modes and sub-modes, even though the systems are pretty much automated. I intend to progress to the full 737 sims - with both their complex systems, automated flight modes (and weight) - after that.

If you learn about systems and various levels of FMS complexity from the Super80s and the Ejets, you should be in a good position to move on to the PMDG 737NG, when it arrives !

I would have recommended the Flight1 ATR 72-500 as your initial starting point, but apparently, it doesn't play nice with FSX, and I believe you are on FSX.

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Hi Gabe.

Thanks for a good response.

I actually have the CoolSky Super80, but I never got the hang of it. Way to complex for me when I got it. I might go back to it now that I feel that I have mastered the Lite versions.

The graphical tutorial is a nice feature, but as I recall I did have one grudge with them. In some cases the tutorial had to be exited in the middle to do another (If I remeber correctly it was the Before Start checklist you had to leave halfway through to run through the FMC setup tutorial), but when you returned to complete the first checklist it started from the first section again, so you had to step through it once again... might be an update for it by now since I think it's about a year since I last gave it a try.

I also have the Wilco CRJ package, but that one I never got to work proper. Felt like many controlls didn't work in the VC (like starting the APU I.E).

Edit: And yes, I'm on FSX only.. got into flying FS just a 2,5 years back so FS9 didn't feel like an option then.

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If I may add that when it comes to good FS models with accurate, real life physics, I have found the PMDG series of aircraft work the best. I recently purchased the 747-400 from PMDG and I have to say that at first, it was very overwhelming. Aside from the high res paints and high res model, the actual flight physics is so life like. There's also a 382 page manual that comes with it too. :) I'm still learning, but what I have learned so far is on par with what a real life pilot would go through. PMDG does offer a 737 in their fleet and from what I have read lately, they are working on another version of the 737 as well.

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