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Embraer Autopilot Help

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You sussed it out yet ?

It is a complex - but powerful - FMS.

I just about have the hang of it now.

I can now, actually fly the thing completely, from 400 ft after take off, to manually taxiing at 60 kias on the landing runway, using the automated system.

The best tutorial is the E170 v2 tutorial from www.flytutorial.com.

It is for the 170 but equally relevant to all of them.

It doesn't cover Autoland, but combined with the 'Volume 2' Feelthere manual (the tutorial section), you can put them together for yourself.

The main thing to remember, is that it is meant to be flown fully automated. As such, you should really, fully progam the FMC and use VNAV and LNAV together.

You also need to understand the 'position and colour coding' on the PFD (ie. what is 'armed' and what is 'active',) of the different 'modes', as the MCP switches do not light up, when depressed. So, it can be confusing for a while.

Bear in mind that there are different ways of getting from A to B... you do have choice.

Be aware of the switches for choosing 'manually' or 'FMC controlled', speed. And, be aware that some modes use aircraft pitch to control speed, wheras others use the autothrottle.

One thing is for sure: if you stick with it and 'suss it out', every else is a piece of cake. The 737NG for example, is very simple in comparison. So, if I were advising a person on a learning route, I'd suggest leaving the Ejets 'till last !

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