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GAAR 2011 PIREP - Leg 1

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Welcome to the Mutley's Hangar Team entry to the Great Australian Air Rally 2011!

Our first Leg is from Coolangatta (YBCG) to Chinchilla (YCCA) - here's a flight plan from Tim's Plan-G:


The Team has got everything ready and here we are ready for take off:


Cleaning her up, with a nice view of the tower at Gold Coast Airport:


Turning north towards the first NDB at Bromelton (374 KHz):


View towards Brisbane to starboard:


Over Dalby airport - the 3rd Waypoint:


Starting to descend:


Downwind leg at Chinchilla:


... and the base turn:


A bit shaky on short final approach (!):


And we're safe and sound at Chinchilla:


One down and nine to go! And here's the result:

Flight Time GAAR Leg 1 = 75.79 minutes

Over to you, Boss! :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Great shots Dai..

Too bad I'm swamped at work and at home right now, had that not been the case I would have joined in on this...

As it is I havn't logged a single FS minute since new years :001_th_smiles48:

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Just completed leg 1, with a time of 85.81 minutes. That's 2.21 minutes short of my target time.

This compares with Dai's time of 75.79, being 2.18 minutes over your target time.

Which puts you ahead by 0.03 minutes! :001_th_smiles48:


Have to go out now, but pics later

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No trouble at all. From Dalby, it was pretty much a matter of following the A2 highway, until the lakes in the river become obfious. The Airport is roughly midpoint between the lakes and the highway.


Of course, it's rained a bit since you landed...

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It's British, and it has a VC. Actually, the plane I wanted to take was the Bristol Freighter, but the only version I could find just had a 2D cockpit, and when your screen is >5000 pixels wide, a 2D panel is simply not a viable option.

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