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Hi Guys

anyone have a quickstart checklist or routine for getting the PMDG Jetstream 41 going?

If you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd like to know as I don't have huge amounts of time for such things as the full shebang at the moment and would like to fly it a bit more (than not at all :th_smiles73: )


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If you are meaning quickstart as in ctrl+e you're out of luck i'm afraid.

There is a utility someone (can't remember where I got it from now) that you load up when you are at the gate, press tab+q and it gives you a total cold and dark cockpit so that the engines won't explode on start-up. You still need to go through the checklists but it is a lot quicker than having to check each button etc... before the flight. Using this I can be ready to taxi in around 5-10 mins if i'm not using the FS2Crew add-on. If you let me know your email address I can try and send the cold+dark utility over if you want it?

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