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PMDG 737 NGX on final approach

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On monday morning PMDG announced that the 737 NGX is close to release. It's been in interal Beta testing for about a month and they are planning to release it for external beta testing sometime during this week.

If things work out ok in the external beta testing they also plan to publish an estimated release date within one or two days after the beta team gets the product.

So if nothing big pops up they might publish a release date during this week :icon_thumbup:

Along with this announcement they also published two new videos. Enjoy them, I sure did.

Night VFR departure

Day VFR 25 knots crosswind & short field landing

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So far no word on the release date, but PMDG are starting to push out screenshots of the liveries that will be available on release.

Also, this VC shot was posted last night.. looks stunning. (Download it and look at it in full size is my tip)


As for liveries, so far PMDG have posted the following airlines.

Virgin Blue



WestJet Care-antee

Air Algerie

United Airlines

Kulua (The flying 101 livery :icon_thumbup: )


and Korean Air

To see the shots of the liveries, take a look here, and then follow the link to part 1 at the top of the post.

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That final approach announced on the 11th of May was one long final, but as of saturday the NGX has gone into Wide Beta, meaning that a select few outside of the PMDG Tech Team and Dev Team now have access to the model and are doing their best to try and break it :icon_thumbup:

From what has been said on their forum most of this time has been spent on ironing out some issues with the VNAV features on the Autopilot.

Best case scenario, the wide beta team finds no big issues and PMDG can relese the NGX before the end of the summer :icon_thumbup:

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AS far as I've understood it's been in internal Beta for a while now. The Wide Beta stage is just a way of checking that it works as it should on a larger variation of hardware...

Some very nice screenshots of the exterior model can be found here.

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From the PMDG website, published earlier today.

PMDG 737NGX Simulation expected to release in 7 - 10 days

The PMDG 737NGX, our indept simulation of Boeing's ubiquitous 737 Next Generation series aircraft is in the final stages of testing. Release to market is anticipated to take place on or before 04AUG11.*

This release will cap three years of in depth development and thorough testing by experienced 737 aircraft and support technicians. PMDG is proud to be releasing this, the most detailed simulation of the 737NG yet created for personal use. Pricing and availability will be announced in the coming days.

* Release date subject to slight change should testing results require.

Sunday July 25, 2011

And if you have an hour to spare check out this HD video covering every little thing in the NGX cockpit from AoA. It's stunning, and I'm worried my computer won't be able to run it :001_th_smiles48:

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