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Hi Messerschmitt

:icon_welcomeani: to the forum, here are a couple of freeware sites to start you off:




For payware look at:





That should give you enough to look at for now! Happy hunting :001_th_smiles89:



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Welcome to the forums Messerschmitt!

A few more payware ones for you Messerschmitt :

Captain Sim (707/727/757/767/777/B-52) - http://www.captainsim.com/

A2A Simulations (Spitfire I and II, B-17, B-377 and more) - http://www.a2asimulations.com/

Flying Stations (Canberra's - have good FSX combatiblity) - http://www.flyingstations.com/

There is also a great freeware site (Flying Stations does a freewaere Swordfish and Wyvern) :

Britsim - http://www.britsim.com/ - they have a gorgeous Meteor NF14 and F8 by Rob Richardson, among other things!



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First post on the forum and also very new to FSX and sim flying in general - done a little IL2 FB but that's it.

I've trawled the world wide web and the array of potential mods and tweaks for this simulator is quite amazing. I understand many of the mods - addons are going to be a matter of personal preference but I wondered what the general views (if there is such a thing) are regarding scenery. The default (to be kind) is ok but I'm looking to improve the eye candy.

I have already purchased and set-up REX 2.0 as best I can (don't understand the overdrive download thing) and I've picked up some tips on themes from your forum.

I'm considering GEX Europe and UTX Europe initially being UK based and wondered if these would be recommended. Also Horizons Photo Scenery UK though I understand this would override the GEX textures in the UK.

Initially I'm focussing on flying smaller planes on short low(ish) level UK flights to get my skills up.

While I'm on with the questions are there any smaller planes recommended?

Any advice gratefully received.


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While I'm on with the questions are there any smaller planes recommended?

Anything by Carenado is going to be very good. Mind the sim version though - some are FS9 only, some are FSX only, some both.


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I just got back into the 'game' myself (shields face from flung sh*t)

..and I've decided to be very focused in add-ons as 'Flight' is on the way.

So far though - I have purchased the following:

REX2 (MUST HAVE) - texture enhancement and weather generator all in one - unreal value. This is highly recommended regardless of your system specs.

LevelD 767 (upgrade from 2004) - still flies on the numbers in FSX although there may be better FSX commercial addons - not sure.


- Carenado BN2 Islander

- RealAir Beechcraft Duke B60

- Aerosoft Twin Otter


- Plan G

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Re the RealAir Duke, I got an e-mail from a friend this morning that contained this...

"I bought them from RealAir. Been looking for a twin or two that will sort of bridge a gap I have between 9 and X, and I've sort of taken a liking to well done twins. I bought their package deal of the "Duke". One is the normal asperiated one and the other is the Turbine. The aircraft themselves are pretty well done, but neither offer the 2D panel. I've also noticed that some of the gauges done seem to work right, and one or two don't work at all. I really haven't fooled much with either yet and sure haven't spent any time in the POH in either. Before I start complaining to loud, I'll do my homework first."


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What a great video review - subscribed!!!

I especially liked the little narrative at the beginning about the Dragon. I had an opportunity to see this fly at the airshow on Saturday and it was surprisingly sexy to watch. The engines had a unique quiet and rhythmic hum to them - a true pilot's bird.

Thanks Needles - I will certainly get it when the penny jar is full again. (Rex cleaned me out for this month)

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I have a few planes by Carenado and I have to say they are great. I think I am going to get the RealAir Duke Turbine later and try that out.

If you want a more 'real' experience, go buy the cub from A2A Simulations and bundle it with the Accusim package too ..,.


This is more realistic than normal FSX models and it is a great starter plane - for the price you cannot complain either.

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