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PSS 757 Climb Prob?!

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Hi All,

When flying the PSS 757 it doesn't want to climb for some reason. I only set the vertical speed to no more than 1800ft per min but the aircraft just seems to slow to near stalling speed and won't climb.

Any one had the same problem or know of a solution?

All help greatfully recieved!


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Afraid not, I steer clear of tubliners but it sounds as though the AP is not set correctly or is switched on when you don't want it to be? What about trim, is that set up? Could you be overweight?

Just a fe ideas :th_smiles73:

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Hi Mut

No the aircraft isn't overweight as I have a ZFW of approx 77.8t and fuel of 13.6t which made it a good 24t under it's Max GW. The T/O trim is given to you by the FMC and it was set correctly for T/O so i'm not sure either?!

Thanks for the ideas though!

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Never use VS for climbing - only descent - too much risk of stalling.

You need to use FLvl - flight level change. Set airspeed in the MCP and target altitude. Then ensure Auto-throttle is ON and AP is on.

As you are flying manually - Hmmm ! - ensure the EFIS is set to manual and not FMS.

The reasons you are not climbing could be a myriad of factors.

Also, you need to find out from the support forums, whether your throttle system is interfering with the throttles / Auto-throttle.

On some a/c, with my X52, I need to have throttles at zero for the AT and AP to work correctly, for other, at full. For some, it doesn't matter.

There may also be settings in the a/c config manager for how AT interacts with joystick !

Those points should keep you busy for a while !



The other thing to consider is that the PSS is very old, and wasn't "state of the art" even back then.

The Captain Sim is probably the best 757, but VERY heavy on FSX FPS.

I thoroughly recommend the PMDG 747 for "learning the heavies". It really can fly itself on auto, and is nice to hand fly too ! :icon_bowdown:

Moreover, it comes with a 500 page manual, and there are literaly hundreds of tutorials, videos (incl. the Angle of Attack 3 hour DVD) and allsorts to help you learn how to fly her.

There are also thousands of liveries and models ranging from Airforce One and a Star Trek homage, to wierd Airforce spy versions !

And, FS2Crew also do a voice-controlled version for it.

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Hi Gabe

Thanks for the advice, I also have an X52 Pro and have never considered having to pull back on the throttle whilst using the A/T. I will have a look at the Saitek forum for some tips on the throttle.

I will try a few things out and let you know

Thanks again!

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