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Team Mutley for GARSA 2011...

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Waiting for my turn!

Welcome to Team Mutley GARSA leg 9 SKNC to SKSM

Here we are lined up on 34. I have everything to hand and just ready to get going.


The clock is ticking!


Quickly on our heading of 047


The climb took so long!


I topped out at 11100 as I had lost a lot of time


Quite a nice mix of land and water to fly over


The light is starting to go


Panel lights on


Token sunset shot


Thinking about our arrival.


Not as far as I thought, nose down, throttle back


The lights of the city are ahead and I can just make out the runway lights


There it is to our right, luckily we are going the long way in, landing on 18


Extended downwind


Turn onto base


Lining up, time looking good


Typical, trees at the threshold


A bit to the right but I was happy to make it over the trees!


There we are 107.65, my best ever flight! Thanks to the Dove


Sat back feeling a little relieved.


Thanks for looking and it's back to Kieran to bring us home, good luck mate!

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Sorry, Chuck - got confused wth the post-cards... :th_smiles73:

Here's the revised Rosta:

Leg   From/To                              nm     Submit by    Pilot      Time

1     Bogota SKBO to Ocana SKOC            226    03 Sep 11    Dai       107.03
2     Ocana SKOC to Malaga SKLA            103    05 Sep 11    Dai        46.57
3     Malaga SKLA to Yaguarito SK53        190    08 Sep 11    Kieran     90.03
4     Yaguarito SK53 to Pitalito SKPI      208    11 Sep 11    Rob       114.13 
5     Pitalito SKPI to Ipiales SKIP        115    13 Sep 11    Dai        54.53
6     Ipiales SKIP to Cali SKCL            179    16 Sep 11    Kieran     88.47
7     Cali SKCL to Medellin SKMD           168    18 Sep 11    Rob        88.21
8     Medellin SKMD to Necocli SKNC        152    20 Sep 11    Rob        75.81
9     Necocli SKNC to Santa Marta SKSM     220    23 Sep 11    Joe       107.65
10    Santa Marta SKSM to Cartagena SKCG   86     25 Sep 11    Kieran 

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Out of interest, did any of you flying GARSA, either in Team Mutley or individually, know the Target Time before you set off?

I only look at the Target Time after I've rolled to a stop at the destination field and worked out my Flight Time. Sometimes I'm quite close - but usually I'm more than 5% faster/slower. I know that some of the regulars to Andrew's rallies have got this down to a fine art, but, for me, the finding out how close I've got to that Target Time is almost as exciting as the Leg itself!

Any of you feel the same? :whis:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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I knew the time before hand. Knowledge is everything and I feel planning without knowing your target (because that is a vital element) is ni on impossible. So I knew approximately what my average speed should have been, I only got DME at about 60 nm from the airfield and I had gained too much time so slowed down and took an extended downwind. Without the extension I new I would have been too early. I did it for the team boss!

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