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Corfu X updated (and ready for Prepar3D !)

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From Aerosoft:

We just uploaded a full new build and an 1.00 to 1.10 update of Corfu X. This new build solves the performance issue seen on some systems and solves a few tiny bugs. So far nothing special but we also added an installer that will install Corfu X into Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D version of our trusty old simulator. If you buy (or own) Corfu X you get this version without additional cost.

This Prepar3D add-on is made to see if customers like it and if we run into unexpected problems. We do not support this simulator the way we normally do. Installing it works exactly the same as the FSX version. Please report in the forum about any issues you find!

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Looks good - up to Orbx standards from the screenshots. Covers the whole island in photoreal; lots of autogen & other detail, so plenty of interest for VFR guys like me. And it's included in the 20% discount offer (€14.36 inc VAT). I might even break my spending embargo and buy this....

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I am flying there right now Tim, I would buy it right now if you are considering it.

The scenery is good, not in the same league as FTX, unfortunately it uses a couple of resolutions of photoscenery and you can see the joins, it is also lacking in the autogen dept, I would have expected at least to have the Pantokrator antennas to the north of the airfield and it will lose half a point for that.

I haven't started writing the review yet but it is the best scenery I have seen for the island.

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I guess their screenshots concentrate on the good bits (unsurprisingly), but I remember "airport + surroundings" sceneries of only a few years ago, where the quality beyond the fence was pretty grim at best. And even Darren's sceneries have been known to miss out the odd fort or three...

I stayed on Corfu several times as a teenager and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately all my photos from that era got lost in a house move, which was a real shame. Maybe one day I'll go back, in the event that I have income again...

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