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Hi all!

I said I'd upload these photos in August, but I've only just got around to uploading them!

The day started out pretty normal, but I was watching Boeing's 787, N787BA, flying out of Moscow. We weren't sure that it would stop at Shannon and, when the aircraft was at about 40,000ft over Northen Ireland, we were sure it wasn't going to stop. But then, it rapidly descended. So a fast trip to Shannon was called for!

Here's the Dreamliner, sitting on the ramp of EINN. This is the actual view from the landside (yes, landside!) viewing area on Floor 3


And here's a slightly zoomed in view


An Aer Lingus A330 goes out to the active on it's way to America


The next major visitor was British Airway's 'Baby Bus' - the transatlantic Airbus A318, with the callsigns 'Speedbird 1/2/3/4' - bit different

to Concorde!


And finally, Onmi's 767 on a trooping flight, I think


Thanks for viewing!

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Thanks guys!

@Joe - it's about an hour and a half now that the motorway has opened up from here all the way - and that was going down via a small town to avoid the toll! Using the motorway throughout, it's about an hour and 10. Not much more travelling time than Dublin

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