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Smoke or contrails?

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Well this is really puzzling me...

Realised last week that I had no contrails anywhere so I used a freeware AI contrail updater. When I loaded a saved flight, the Carenado Bonanza trailed smoke and then small puffs. Adjusted temparerature for contrails to something ridiculously low to prevent formation of contrails to no effect. (therefore smoke???)

I opened another flight and they were no longer present. Case closed.

Now they're back. Another location, newly installed aircraft, and all aircraft now blow smoke, doesn't look like a contrail.

On loading the original flight that showed the smoke last week, no smoke is now present...

Have deleted all AI contrail related files in Effects and put in 2 AI contrail files from FS1 disc.

Last week this area had no issues, now the Bonanza is a real environmental hazard.


Back in British Columbia, the same aircraft is now no longer the problem it was last week.


This aircraft trails three plumes, one central, two from each wingtip approximately. Toggling the smoke system makes no difference.

Any suggestions gratefully received....I'm stumped,

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Thanks for reply both of you.

You're right Garry, I'll revisit the forum where I saw this solution. Maybe I read it wrong. It's a real puzzle, last week it appeared in BC and disappeared when I loaded a flight in Alaska, not much difference in temp between the two I would think. This week it happened over York and not in BC.

Looks more like smoke than contrails, but have only appeared since messing with the contrails.

Will try Tim's suggestion next.

Thanks again.

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Hi Charlie

From your pics it certainly looks like smoke rather than trails

Sometimes these things are controlled by gauges rather than default commands

For example smoke that automatically appears only on high RPM (I wouldn't work in that case) or contrails for props as the contrails is only default for jet engines.

I'm just thinking of something here that may not be obvious

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Thanks again Garry, that helped me think it through as to why it would be there. Then I realised how stupid I was!

I've installed a couple of new planes last week, that's what changed, the contrail's not the problem at all.

The new planes generate smoke for longer on startup, or at least one of them does, now so do all of my planes for some reason (as you say could be gauge related?). I've also been loading a saved in-flight after starting FS9 recently. These planes (in flight) now also generate smoke for the same time as going from a cold startup on the ground, that's the strange thing. Never mind, can live with it.

Thanks for your help, wouldn't have got there without it

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