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Does anyone have any experience ? Scenery Design

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I think John (allardjd) tried this out when it was called EZ-Scenery (for FS9).

As a quick route into basic scenery design - i.e. signs, simple buildings, etc - EZ-Scenery is/was reasonably good.

You may find that its limitations will push you towards gmax (free) or other payware development tools. If so, welcome to the madhouse!

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Does anyone have any experience with this software ? These are also available for the FSX. The question is whether if it makes really sense. A small test (limited area) is included.



cheers :P

That is a great tutorial on making scenery "stick" in your sandbox but I'm not sure I understand what the software program does that the BglComp.exe in the SDK dosen't. You already need the SDK to use their software. Once you place the objects and make the xml by clicking on Save Scenery button in the OPT and place it someware you can remember :) where you put it :th_blush: you then just need to drag the xml over the BglComp.exe and it creates the bgl for you(takes a few seconds sometimes and will appear in the same folder as your xml). If I am wrong on this, I have placed stuff in missions but never made a scenery bgl, please set me straight? The only thing that would come in handy, because you can never have enough, is their extra scenery library which, at this time, seems not to be availible.

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Most of the object placers make it really easy to do it visually. You slew to the desired location, pick the object you want from the library, adjust scale, rotation, elevation, pitch, etc as desired and hit the save button. You never have to see a line of code or look up a lat-long conversion or anything like that.


IS2 has a lot more tricks too, but the basic operation of placing an object visually could hardly be easier. Yes, the object placer has to know where BGLComp is, but once that's estabished at installation, YOU don't need to know where it is or even what it is.



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1. Scenery object placement requires either an app like InstantSenery or, within FSX Missions, the OPT (Object Plavement Tool. You may place existing scenery objects from their libraries;

2. Scenery object design, on the other hand, involves the development of a 3-D model, using Scenery-Shortcut (EZ-Scenery as was), gmax (freeware) or 3ds-Max (Priced from £3,422.00 !!); Once you've successfully developed your scenery object, which includes selection and composition of textures, you're back to Step 1.

As I said, Welcome to the Madhouse... :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hi Dai, thanks for that Information !

Priced from £3,422.00, peanuts, hehe :stars: . :D not for me.

Sure, if you want to make some change or creative, just need the appropriate software. The whole money, as I do not want to invest, is just enough for a good compromise. Sure there are no upward limits.. I'm going to try it as described above.

Certainly, definitely ....Madhouse :thum: thanks Dai.

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