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55 Boeing Dreamliners 'have potential' Fuselage Problem

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55 Boeing Dreamliners 'have potential' Fuselage Problem


'...55 of its flagship 787 Dreamliners "have the potential" to develop a fuselage shimming problem, but reiterated that the fault was being fixed.'

'... has reported that improperly joined pieces had caused "parts of the aircraft's carbon fibre structure to delaminate".'

'...up to airplane 55 in round numbers have the potential for the shimming issue...'

'...very fixable and we are in the process of fixing the airplanes that are in flow, there is not a safety or flight issue on the airplanes that we've delivered...'

'... arose because "incorrect shimming was performed on support structure on the aft fuselage" of some 787s.'

'"...something that we can address in a short period of time. It will impact some short-term deliveries but in terms of the number of deliveries for the year, it shouldn't have any impact at all,"'

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