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44% off all Orbx download products at FSS during all of April 2012

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Use this unique opportunity to complete your Orbx collection. Even if you are planning to move to P3D, grab all the Orbx addons at nearly half price then use our free Orbx P3D Migrator Tool to move them all to Prepar3D at your leisure.

There will never be another chance to purchase the quality of Orbx at these prices, and we're keeping the prices low during the whole month of April to give everyone the chance to take part.

After April we have many other surprises in store for you. Stay tuned! smile.png

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So why are they saying that this is the last ever sale? I honestly can't think of a good reason. What about when Christmas rolls around? Seems rather odd, unless they are only saying this in an effort to get people to buy a lot of stuff now and then they'll spring another sale on us in 8 months or so.

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i think someone was reading our earlier posts on this subject.

the problem with so many releases from ftx every month is. it is like going to toys R us, you go in with a specific idea of buying a present for your son/daughter but then you see so many things and have so much choice you end up coming out having bought nothing.

And whilst the sale is welcomed by some what about the rest of us that have already bought at the full price?? do we get a credit? they are messing up the market place, now i wont buy anything from them until 6 months minimum after its release because there is bound to be a sale at some time later where i will be able to buy cheaper.

Also a point worth bearing in mind , there is a new law in front of the eurocourts proposing that it will be legal for a person to sell his software to a second owner it was passed at its first reading so fingers crossed!! this way we may be able to buy ftx scenery at a fraction of its new cost..

Not wanting to take anything away from ftx as their stuff is superb and these guys have to be paid and no doubt they get a good whack and there must be other mouths in the trough as well so no doubt they can easily justify the cost of their progs, but we need some stability to their sales.

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Just picked up Northern Rocky Mountains

About time to, Joe :) now all we need is for them to produce some airports for this area ;)

I picked up PAKT Ketchikan airport while the sale was on, it should be a good spot to explore the Pacific Fjords and Tongass from :) .


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