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microsoft flight free to play on steam

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Thanks Jim,

There is an update available too https://news.microso...-available.aspx

I am sure this will provoke some comments!

I took the time to read this and also the comments. Sounds like folks wanna like it but M$ is still just not listening. They also make very few comments about the posts. Very guarded, gee wiz its only a game not national security.

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It's my suggestion to serious flight simmers to avoid any free downloads or purchases that might communicate to MS that there is one more interested party out in Internet-land. Crashing silence or perhaps the thunder of the crowd rushing to P3D are the best ways to communicate our disappointment to them now. We tried saying what we had hoped for and from the Allensworth interview with Joshua Howard of MS, it's clear they want no part of us for the time being. We should reciporcate in kind.

Wouldn't it be great if P3D outsold Flight? I doubt that will happen because the bubble gummers will buy MSF just to see if it's any good, but we can hope.


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