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Set a Joystick Button to Prnt/Scrn Key

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A question came up today I couldn't answer. Maybe someone here knows the way...

Someone wants to know how to map the Prnt-Scrn button to a joystick button in FS. I've tried it and it's not as easy as it sounds - FS just doesn't recognize the key at all. Any ideas?


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Hi John,

The screenshot capture event (CAPTURE_SCREENSHOT in standard.xml ) wasn't introduced until FSX, the default mapping is to the V key.

I cant think of a way doing the same in FS2004?

Maybe someone else has a trick up their sleeve.

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Joy Tokey may be the answer. He wants to use Snapper and fire it from a joystick button. If loaded, Snapper will take care of writing the file each time - that's what it does. The problem is getting FS or the computer to see a joystick button as a Prnt-Scrn keypress. That just might do it.


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Hope this helps, first use something like FSscreen to save screenshots sequentially. I use it all the time.

Next, search for Autohotkey and download it. It's not available from the main site, softpedia have a working link (it is freeware).

Run it. When it has created the inital script, delete the contents of the file and put in (alter the joy number as required):

Joy4:: Send {PrintScreen}

Save it and reload the script from the icon in the notification area.

Joystick button 4 now sends an image to fsscreen when FS2004 is running...as long as it's not fullscreen!

I think this is what you wanted, hope it helps.

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