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NRM Northern Rocky Mountains - Patch 001 Released

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This "patch" is actually more like a new version given that it includes substantial updates to several key components such as the road and railroad network (including bridges), powerline corridors, and the terrain mesh along the BC/Alberta border. It also contains completely new features such as 20 unlisted airstrips, 2 heliports, and dozens of cabins, lodges, and lookouts accurately placed in their real-world locations. For a complete list of all enhancements and fixes please refer to "FTX NA BLUE NRM SP1 User Guide.pdf" included in the service pack.

New and enhanced content in NRM SP1 (for specific locations see the Google Earth file "FTX NRM Coverage and Features Map.kmz" in \ORBX\User Documents):

* substantial updates to road and railroad networks including bridges, tunnel portals, and better flattening

* new powerline network with cutlines and custom model for high-tension powerline pylons

* 20 additional unlisted airstrips in Alberta, British Columbia, and Washington State

* 2 new heliports: CEW9 (Canmore Municipal Heliport Heli) and CAB7 (Kelowna (Alpine) Heli)

* enhancements and bug fixes at many NRM airports

* 39 backcountry lodges and cabins, 71 Parks Canada Warden cabins, and 13 BC fire lookouts, placed in their real-world locations

* 20 additional ski areas including Sun Peaks, Silver Star, Big White, Revelstoke, Kimberley, Mount Spokane, Schweitzer, and Big Mountain

* new terrain mesh files for the BC/Alberta border areas; no more odd "cliffs" along the provincial boundary

* improved representation of the hydro dams, open pit mines, and snowfields in the coverage area

* dynamic falling water and spray effects at Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park, BC

* updated rooftop texture file to deal with "flat gables" on industrial buildings outside of ORBX regions

More information here

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:thum: Thanks alot Sabre for letting us know, just finished that download along with Darrington Muni. Very Nice. I just love FTX ORBX. so much so I've ordered while they have their offer on :- Central Rocky Mountains and New Zealand"s South Island to go with the others I have.

As my broadband speed is play up it must be down to all this rain we are having. I have ordered them on DVD. It's going to be along weeks wait me thinks.

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